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Service Options:

Our cleaning schedule works on a rotating basis of every week, two weeks, or four weeks (four weeks with limited availability right now) with ongoing service. Sorry but we can't fit in a second Thursday of the month, or every three weeks, if you require that. Every four weeks is also the longest we book out ​our schedule. 

The Day of the Clean:

To prepare for the cleaner please make sure surfaces are tidied up and items picked up off the floor. This way the cleaner has more time to spend on cleaning. We will, however, straighten blankets and pillows, and make your place look fabulous when you arrive home.


Please let us know before your cleaning day if you would like extra services so we can schedule any extra time. Some of these extra services would include:

  • Refrigerator cleaning

  • Window blind dusting

  • Coat closet organized and floor cleaned

  • Kitchen cupboards or drawers cleaned


Please call for pricing or to schedule these extra services in advance. 

Also, during the warm summer months we ask that you please turn on your air conditioning for the cleaners.

If it is too hot it could cause heat exhaustion and some cleaners may not clean your home, so they would appreciate that. 


​Because we care about our cleaners, we ask that if any of your family members are ill please call to reschedule before the cleaner arrives and we would do the same for you.

Key And Entry:

You would be responsible for entry. If we cannot gain entry to your home you will still be responsible for the cleaning cost. A great solution is to obtain a lock box and put it in a secure, discreet area and please make sure your alarm system is off. 


If you live in a apartment or condominium please check with management on allowing vendors to your unit and also let us know about the parking situation on the day of the clean.

We accept credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, and Square Credit. We ask that however you choose to pay, the payment is paid on the day of your housecleaning BEFORE 700PM. It takes one day to transfer funds. This helps greatly with the weekly payroll and would be much appreciated as the cleaners like this benefit.
Please keep in mind your first clean may cost more than the regular general maintenance clean.

Holidays, Work Hours and Rescheduling
We do not work on any national holidays and will try, if we can, to reschedule your cleaning, but because most of our cleaners have a very full schedule, we may not be able to fit you in, but we will give it our best shot to help you with the holidays. (Please note we also take the day after Thanksgiving off)
If you need to reschedule your cleaning day, we will try, but cannot guarantee another day that week and may have to wait until your next scheduled date. Or we can provide another cleaner to fill in, although that cannot always work with their full schedules.
During inclement weather, we may have to reschedule your clean for the safety of our cleaners. We schedule all cleans during the business day Monday - Friday only and are closed evenings and weekends so we can be with our family and friends.

As things come up, such as sickness or emergencies we understand, but since our cleaners depend on the income they would appreciate as much notice as possible if you have to cancel service or change your cleaning day.

We do love pets but if your pet is timid or afraid of new people and vacuums, we ask that you put them in a kennel, or keep them in a secure area. We also do not pick up any feces, blood, urine or vomit.

Our House Cleaners 
All house cleaners have had background and references checked. Kristi Klean only hires professional cleaners with a one year or more of experience. Your home will be cleaned by the same cleaner(s) each time. 

Of course, tips are always appreciated if your cleaner does a great job. Normally, during the holiday season customers seem to tip more and is always appreciated.

A bit more information about how we work: 

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