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Residential House cleaning St. Louis Park


Have your home cleaning services maintained by
a proven professional house cleaner. We offer weekly, or biweekly service (every two weeks),
which is our most popular service with our many customers since 2008.


The same house cleaner(s) will arrive at your home every scheduled clean. They have been background and referenced checked and have years of proven professional home cleaning experience to provide you exceptional satisfaction.

All the cleaners use green cleaning with the exception of bleach used sometimes in bathrooms at times.


All our cleaners wear gloves and masks and disinfect all their items before bringing them into your home.  


We provide general home cleaning services which includes all surfaces being dusted and cleaned from top to bottom, along with baseboards being swiffered. All flooring will be cleaned and carpet vacuumed and ceilings dusted for cobwebs.

The bathrooms are disinfected along with the kitchen. In the kitchen we clean all surfaces, fronts
of all appliances, stovetops, clean behind items on the counters, inside of the microwave and check the front of cupboards for any spills. We also empty your trash in all rooms.

Residential house cleaning
  • Costs vary depending on the size of the home, and items cleaned, but we charge a flat fee (market rate pricing) each clean plus sales tax. Sales tax is required by the State of Minnesota. 

  • We create a customized plan for you, whether its just blinds or the basement family room to add on, every other clean, for example.

  • Lets team up and enjoy green clean living!!

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