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Not sure what to do with your old vacuum?

We have many great options for vacuuming your carpets, such as hiring us for all your housecleaning needs.
Still vacuuming your carpets with an old vacuum?

There are several options before putting it in the trash. First you can see if it is fixable at one of the Fixit clinics, ( which is all online too! You can hire a professional to help you in your home! Wow!

If you do not want to try your hand at fixing it, you can donate it, although it has to be in fairly good working condition, at Arc Value Village, or the Goodwill.

If you want to recycle, bring it to Best Buy as they take all types of vacuums from residential customers only, and up to three items per day.

You can also go to this site:, to learn vacuum repair, along with a plethora of other things! Just browsing through their site, I see you can learn how to, repair clothing, shoes, toys, cleaning mops, jewelry, car, stapler, instruments, typewriter, or even learn how to put in a pool! Very cool!

If you are not ready for any of these options, you can call us! / 612-208-7334

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