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The Organized Home

Fall is the perfect time of year to get your kitchen and pantry organized! Before the busy holiday entertaining season begins.Take this opportunity to clean out the refrigerator! Take it one step further and pull that baby out and clean the floor under it, top and all the sides and get those walls too if needed. Vacuum those coils out under the refrigerator too. Ooooh! Does that feel good!

Need a closet organized, lets do this! Entryway coat closets are a good start right now. Unfortunately, its time to put the flip flops away and get the heavy shoes and boots out, organized of course, so you can find them right away when you're running out the door.. Any time now we could be hit with, well I am not going to say it...we are lucky so far.

Anyways, back to organizing and don't forget clean too. Nothing is better than a clean and organized home! Makes life so much more efficient when you are busy.

Spice organizers are great! These pull out!
Love looking into the spice cupboard to see everything I have!

Easily find things when you place is organized.
Perfectly organized dishes for busy people!

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