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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Hello everyone! I wanted to take this moment to introduce myself and let you know a bit about me. I started this business in 2008 when I suddenly was without employment. I have cleaned everything! Move out cleans, general residential cleans, and construction clean up, but these days we mostly focus on general residential housecleaning.

I literally grew this business from the bottom up! I really know how to get a toilet clean! I remember growing up and my mom showing me how to clean the hinges on a toilet with an old toothbrush! We always had cleaning chores to do and if we did not know how to do it properly, mom would show us kids.

I put in many, many years, and long days, learning and growing this cleaning business. I took pride in doing a great job and showing up on time and on schedule. So much so, that I had to start hiring people to help.

These days, I now help other small cleaning business owners fill their schedules. I wish I would have known me or a cleaning company like me, when I was desperately searching to fill a spot on my calendar, all on my own. I love helping others that are just like me and looking to fill in their calendar. So by using my company you are also helping other small businesses!

I am very blessed with the cleaners I have and that are attracted to my business! They do wonderful work and show up on time, just as I use to do. Several of my cleaners have been in the same homes for 5-7 years! I can also help you find a long-term residential cleaner also.

Look forward to hearing from you!



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