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I suppose you are wondering how we come up with pricing to clean your home. Well, there are lots of factors involved, here are some things we consider when estimating your home:

  • Square footage

  • Pets or no pets

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms

  • If the service is for weekly, biweekly or monthly or a first time clean

  • Will the house be maintained between cleanings and items picked up and ready for the cleaners? No worries if not, we can customize a plan for you.

We start with the square footage and compare it to other current customers’ pricing with the same square footage, and the current market rate, but what we do is take it a step further. What we have found works best for our customers is this example:

Sometimes a 2000 square foot home can be cleaned in 4 hours, but the next one takes 6 hours. After the initial clean, we can then figure out the best pricing to make you happy and everyone involved. We will be in contact with the cleaner and you to figure out the going forward price, after the initial clean. We feel this process works best to be fair for everyone.

I do have to tell you our starting price is $225 plus tax, for an apartment or smaller home. Due to rising costs our cleaners need a minimum. I sure wish I could charge 2019 prices! I really do!

What you get with Kristi Klean? Our professional cleaners are dependable, have a great work ethic, fantastic cleanings and cleaners that get us Google reviews! Plus you will have the same cleaner(s) every clean. Some of our cleaners have been in the same homes for five years or more!

I have been doing this since 2008 and am very thankful for the long-term customers we have and the wonderful cleaners that are attracted to my company.

Plus, you get my personal attention to whatever your needs may be. I am always easy to reach. This is a small women owned business with cleaners who live and work in the community we service. I look forward to helping you out!


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