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Is it SPRING yet? Transform Your Home into a Spring Haven with these tips!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Even though the calendar says its spring, it sure does not feel like it outside here in Edina, Minnesota. However, you can still welcome the season into your home with our reliable and experienced housecleaners. Here are some other tips to get that spring feeling going on:

1) Purchase some fresh flowers or bring flowering branches inside like purple lavender bouquets. I can't wait until lilacs bloom!

2) Swap out candles

3) Place lemon and grapefruit slices into a simmer pot with verbena, jasmine, and peony to make your house feel fresh and full of light.

4) Add botanical Peel and Stick wallpaper to your bedroom or living area.

5) Use a spring printable for artwork. 6) Put away the heavy winter gear. 7) Decorate with fruit.

8) Open windows.

9) Change out your throw pillows.

10) Decorate your fridge and other metal surfaces with spring magnets like ladybugs and butterflies, or fake succulents or flowers.


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